Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Say what?

Last week I spent some time with a dear friend sanding and priming old house shutters.  Why?  I am still not exactly sure.  Something about wall decorations or a headboard.  However, the hands-on project provided us with two-plus hours of talk time.  And as girls, we love to talk.  We talk about everything.

At one point I started to share something weighing on my mind.  I talked and talked.  And she just listened.  She asked good questions and then just listened some more.  She didn't offer advice unless I specifically asked for it.  I didn't completely resolve the issue, but she had helped me think through it.  I left with a lighter heart and a $40 parking ticket violation for blocking the sidewalk (another story).

I got to thinking.  When I am in conversation, am I listening to what the person is actually saying and feeling, or am I preparing my next question or witty retort?  I am, by nature, a fixer.  I try to have your problem solved before you have even finished telling me about it.

And with that, I am off to the pool with my sister.  I shall attempt to not try to solve all of her problems.

(this Pearls comic must have been commissioned in honor of me)

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