Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Amazing Adventures of Snakewoman

Transcription (because the handwriting hasn't improved much from his loin project last year):
The Amazing Adventures of Snakewomen (Part 1)
On summer vacation Mrs. Malik went to the rainforest.  She saw amazing animals but one night she went to sleep in the rain forest.  In the tent a scaly slithery thing slithered in.  A viper pit bited Mrs. Malik.  On the morning she didn't notice anything, but in school everyone saw Mrs. Malik differently.  She had a scaly body.  Then she noticed she was half snake and half human.

to be continued

(Part 2/2)
When Mrs. Malik got home that day she used everything to get rid of the scales but nothing worked.  So after that she was [watching] the news then she saw a villen (villain) destroying the city.  When she went downtown she saw the guy.  He was faster than a speeding waistband more powerful than boxer shorts (a nod to the Captain Underpants series).  He tired to stop her but Mrs. Malik was faster than a speeding scooter more powerful than metal.  After she stopped the bad guy, she called herself Snake Women.  She had two jobs now: an ELL teacher and a hero.  She was happy.