Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Getting Old

Me:  (plopping down on the carpet) "Oof.  I'm getting old."
Reading group: (Giggles) "No you're not.  Noooooooo.  You're like 16!"
A: (smug, sly grin) "No, I think Ms. A is really old.  She's like, like FORTY-NINE!"  (snickers)

If 49 is reaaaally old, I feel for many of the teachers working at my school.  They're practically ancient!

And today...

(In reference to the cute, fluffy gray penguins in the book)
"When penguins get really old, like in high school, do they change black and white?"
When you're only seven, I guess sixteen seems awfully old, penguin or human.  Do penguins have penguin years like dogs?

Friday, May 13, 2011


Two nights ago I had a soccer game.  I was PUMPED, having spent three weeks off the field due to Spring Break and torrential rain.  Here is a photo taken from this week's game.

Actually the game felt like quite the opposite (though I do have dreams of making sweet plays like this one).  We did win, 4-1, but I was a nervous wreck the whole game.  We usually play on turf.  I've gotten spoiled.  This week we played on real grass at Rolling Valley, also known as Death-to-Your-Rolling-Ball Valley.  I've lost two balls there in the last two years.  I'm not TRYING to lose them, but when a shot on goal misses, you can just kiss your ball goodbye.  Either that or you will spend the rest of the night in a fruitless pursuit in a thorny, dark mess.

This field is also shaped like a rainbow.  The middle of the field has to be a good foot or two higher than the sides.  Good for run-off perhaps?  Or for hiding the ball from your opponents (and your own team).  Also, the grass is so thick that the ball hits the ground like it is landing on a pillow.  It dies immediately.

None of these less-than-desirable traits bothered me in the least.  However, when it gets to the lines on the field, I draw my line.  As a goalie, I did not realize how much stock I put in those chalky white lines.  Until they weren't there.  (There was a FAINT residue, but you had to have your face plastered to the grass to see it, which slightly inhibits one's ability to play).  I felt lost and lonely, like a kid stranded in a furniture warehouse after hours.  I spent the whole game unsure of myself, second guessing the plays and lacking the confidence I needed to dive in the middle of the muck.  In the end we did fine, but I could not shake the uneasy feeling even though I was in my most comfortable position on the field.

Most people take pride in jumping out of the goal box, coloring outside the lines.  Americans enjoy setting new parameters and breaking all the rules.  I however, tend to cling to my boundaries set before me.  They are safe and comfortable.  They protect me.  At some point though, I become complacent and too comfortable with my life.  I insulate myself with nice, smart people who are fun to hang out with.  I avoid the people who are hard to love or who cause lots of drama.

Yet God calls us to live differently.  We love because he first loved us (1 John 4:19).  I am not very good at loving God, but fortunately that does nothing to change his love for me.  If we are imitating Christ, that means we should be loving people whether or not they love us back.  Loving nice people is easy.  Loving the rude, obnoxious, self-centered, critical, demeaning people is not quite as easy, but we are still called to it.

During the game I had some quality time by myself hanging out in goal while the ball was upfield.  Reflecting on the lengths God went to show his love for me, I found some extra love for the not so lovely.

(This is my REAL team, and they are even more awesome than the pros.
Thanks to John Park for his amazing photography skills.)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Par for the Course

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week.  Two lunches, one breakfast, several cupcakes and cookies later, I feel very appreciated.  I also feel 5 lbs. heavier, but that comes with the territory.  I even won a nice makeup pouch and lipstick case in a raffle.  Too bad I don't own any lipstick.

My favorite part of Teacher Appreciation Week however, is the cards.  I love receiving rumpled cards made of notebook paper, pencil, and highlighter.  I love the misspellings that I have worked so hard to correct.

And I love the Mother's Day card.  Never mind the fact that I am not a mother.  Also, I did not have to blur out my name on this one, because she spelled it differently every time, none of which was correct!

The heart says, "It is for Mother's Day.  I love.  Very nice teacher (cehare).  I love.  Thank you." Unfortunately the scanner does not properly show off the carefully fringed edges.

Mother's Day?  Not to worry, I received a Valentine's Day card addressed to "Wife" with the following inscription: "What is Love but the feeling that no one before us have ever loved as we now love... nor ever will..."  From a 10 year old girl.  The thought was there and it certainly made my day!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hiding out

Some days I want to fade into the background and for some reason I end up being drafted into the spotlight.  In high school, our senior class t-shirt stole the Cheers motto, "Where everyone knows your name."  Ironically I graduated with 470-something people and I did not know all of their names.  In fact, there were quite a few students who walked across that stage who I had never laid eyes on before in my life.  They must have taken Latin, woodshop, and computer classes.

Do you ever want to just disappear?  On trying days I am very tempted to hide under my desk and take a nap.  I have yet to actually follow through with that, but I've threatened to.

But even on the days that I feel like being a nobody in a crowd, I am still always a somebody to God.  Your value comes from Him because He created you.  You are made in His image (that should boost your self-image) (Gen 1:26).  You are God's child and heir (Gal 4:7).  You are God's firstfruits, his most prized creation (James 1:18).  How good to know that we are treasured!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tossing More Cookies

Do I attract this stuff?  Is it magnetic?

Today during the Lord's Prayer, the little boy right in front of me lost his breakfast.  He was smack dab in the middle of the row and his mom's best effort?  Her open purse.  EWW.

To his credit, I had previously passed judgment on his parents for letting him lie down during the praise choruses.  Parent, people, parent.  Be involved and take charge!  Then he threw up and was greener than the mold growing on the leftovers in my fridge.  So then I passed judgment on his parents for letting him come to church in the first place.

I think that fills the vomit quota for blog topics this year.

Also, this game is real.  It retails for $11.95 at a toy store near you.