Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reasons not to like school library chairs

1.  They were made for children aged 5-11, not for adults.
2.  They provide no back support for long meetings.
3.  They are hard on your behind during long meetings.
4.  If you are not careful and accidentally knock one over onto your big toe, you will think unkind thoughts, have to excuse yourself from the group, sweat profusely, and hobble around for the rest of the week with a nasty cut and bruise.

I am so glad soccer season is over!  I am right-footed after all!

P.S.  I thought about adding a picture of my big toe, and then realized if it weren't attached to my own foot I'd probably throw up at the sight of it.  Maybe I'll wait 'til it gets nice and purple.

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