Monday, June 6, 2011

The Perils of Google Image Searches

We are reading a cute book in my lower-level fourth grade class called Tops & Bottoms about a family of hares who outsmart a lazy bear while gardening.
Bear can happily sleep all day and the Hare family will do all the work.  The Hare family tricks Bear by splitting the crops down the middle, tops or bottoms.  When Bear chooses tops, they plant all root vegetables (carrots, radishes, and turnips) and give him the leafy tops.  When Bear angrily insists on bottoms, they plant celery and cucumbers.  In the end Bear demands tops and bottoms, so of course the Hare family plants corn and takes the middle part (all the ears).

We go over new vocabulary words before reading.  I select some pictures online to print out and we talk about what the words might mean.  However, sometimes Google Image searches are not very safe.  Today the word weed did not yield the desired result (below).  This particular photo popped up after using the words pulling weeds.
And that is why we prepare for classes beforehand, instead of doing it DURING class.

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Kelly T said...

I love that book! We used it in lesson planning when I worked for Ag in the Classroom. :)