Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Getting Old

Me:  (plopping down on the carpet) "Oof.  I'm getting old."
Reading group: (Giggles) "No you're not.  Noooooooo.  You're like 16!"
A: (smug, sly grin) "No, I think Ms. A is really old.  She's like, like FORTY-NINE!"  (snickers)

If 49 is reaaaally old, I feel for many of the teachers working at my school.  They're practically ancient!

And today...

(In reference to the cute, fluffy gray penguins in the book)
"When penguins get really old, like in high school, do they change black and white?"
When you're only seven, I guess sixteen seems awfully old, penguin or human.  Do penguins have penguin years like dogs?

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Angela S. said...

well, the average emperor penguin lives about 20 yrs... average life expectancy for a human in the us is 80... 1yr=4 penguin yrs?