Saturday, October 15, 2011

Surprise! On me!

This event has officially passed so I can now write about it. Whew.

Two weeks ago a friend sent me an email reminding me about her fiancé's surprise Bday party. I was fighting a cold, but decided to stop by for a bit. After school I zipped over for a quick oil change. Quick being two hours! Augh! Now I was grumpy and running late. I zipped toward Arlington in rush hour traffic (ok, so zipped is perhaps a misnomer), took a wrong turn, and ended up in Georgetown. Whoops.

Fortunately my awesome boyfriend punched in the address and gave me directions from his desk in Arkansas. Isn't modern technology awesome? I screeched to a stop with moments to spare (don't want to spoil a surprise party!) and RACED into the house, not even bothering to knock. Better safe than sorry, right? I threw myself in through the front door, right into the middle of... Kate's roommates eating dinner.

Party? It was the next evening.

I sheepishly introduced myself to the roommates, promised to return tomorrow, and made a hasty retreat. I am so smooth.

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