Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hypothetically Speaking

Assignment.  5th grade science.  Imagine the whole universe (and all the matter in it) has disappeared.  Only your class has survived in an underground lab.  Your class must rebuild the elements using the periodic table.

Could this happen?  Why or why not?  Which elements would you choose to rebuild first?


No because were in the yonaferse and if it bolse up we will dye.
People need oxygen to serveva.

Fortunately my student was rescued by a peer spelling edit.  Whew.

(If you have re-read that answer several times and still don't have a clue, the translation is as follows: "No, because we're in the universe and if it blows up we will die.  People need oxygen to survive."  If you got it on the first read, you should work for the CIA in cryptology or become a teacher.)

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Kelly T said...

I got it on the first read. Maybe if I ever apply for the CIA, I will put "decoding foreign languages" on my application. :)