Thursday, October 20, 2011

Life Lessons

Yesterday I learned three new things:

1.  If you leave your travel coffee mug open next to your laptop, you will one day knock it over.  It only took me a year and a half of teaching to do this.  Fortunately my computer still works, though it smells heavily of French Vanilla creamer.

2.  If the neighborhood fire truck is going out on a call, he goes the wrong way around the roundabout for a quick exit out the neighborhood.
This surprised me GREATLY.  Red Corolla vs. red fire truck.  Fire truck will win every time.

3.  If you do not zip your soccer bag closed, you might accidentally lose one cleat.  I carry two pairs of socks (usually one is sorta clean), two pairs of goalie gloves, two sets of shin guards, extra water/Gatorade, athletic tape, Band-Aids, extra hair ties, back up rosters.  I am prepared.  However I only have one pair of cleats.  This is a VITAL part of one's soccer get-up.  I discovered I was one cleat short on my way to my game last night.  I hope some stray dog is enjoying his new chew toy.  Fortunately I was rescued by a teammate and today I have a cool new kicks.

In another note, I feel like an ogre.  I pulled SIX brands of cleats from the rack at Dick's to try on and they didn't have ANY of them larger than a size 8.  Really?  Soccer Kicks came to my rescue AND sold me last year's model for $25 off.

It was a very educational day.

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