Friday, November 11, 2011

4th Grade Bank Geek

4th grade just completed their first essay unit.  It was like pulling teeth.  I don't know who was more excited to be finished.  One of the students in my class grasped the concept of essays fully.  He was the ONLY one.  He not only understood the format (intro, three reasons w/ supporting details, conclusion), but he had so much fun writing his essay, and I am very amused while grading it!

In comparison, other essay topics included the ever ubiquitous: "Why Kids Need Laptops," "Being the Youngest Child is Hard," "Messi is the Best Soccer Player," "Ronaldo is the Best Soccer Player," and "Kids Should Not Have Homework."

And without further ado, "Trombones are Heavy."

It's never too early to become a band geek!

1 comment:

Kelly T said...

Hilarious! Surprisingly, my 7th grade essays aren't much better.

(Also, your title says "Bank" instead of "Band"...)