Thursday, January 27, 2011


Yes, you read that right.  Last night we had a thunderstorm, hail, and snow.  All at the same time.  WHOA.  It was WEIRD to see lightning/hear thunder and to witness the quiet of snow at the same time. So today I enjoyed a snow day while the plows tried to clear the aftermath of 5 inches of snow (we got a dusting compared to other places).

Feel free to check out the Google traffic map from last night.  Green (if you can find any) means cars are going at the posted speed limit.  Red lines mean 10mph.  Black/red dashed means STOPPED.  I had a friend who left at 4pm to make the 30 minute trip to Dulles to pick up her parents.  She got home at 11:30pm, just trying to make the 20 miles to and from the airport!  Another friend spent the night in a hotel lobby because all the rooms were taken.  The hotel was less than ten miles from home!  NUTS!

It took one roommate 2+ hours to make the normally 10 minute commute home.  It took the other 3.5 hours to get home thanks to a car accident (her car :(, but she's ok).  I braved the elements to drive half a mile to pick her up at the collision place.  We got stuck going back up the hill to our house and I let loose some words I don't usually say.  But we got free and had no accidents.  I promptly got in my jammies, snuggled under a blanket, and did a crossword.

No word on tomorrow, but I'm enjoying the quiet while it lasts!

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Anonymous said...

One thing you can try if you ever get stopped and can't get started is to put your floor mats under the front of your 'driving' tires (rear or front wheel drive). That sometimes gives just enough traction to get moving again.