Monday, January 24, 2011

Dyyyyyyying in First Grade

The following are actual events.  They have not been fabricated in any way.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent (me).  This occurred in the span of 10 minutes with two different students. 

"Ms. A, my neck hurts."
"When I move my neck like this (throws head backwards), it hurts."
"Well, don't do that anymore."
"Oh.  Ok."

"Ms. A, I can't walk.  My leg hurts."
"Well, right now you are supposed to be sitting at your desk reading silently, so you don't need your legs."
"Oh.  Yeah." (saunters off to desk)

"Ms. A, my knee hurts."  (grabs knee in an act worthy of an Oscar)
"Well, you are STILL supposed to be sitting at your desk, so it doesn't matter."
"Sigh.  Ok."

Thus my days in 1st grade.  I tie lots of shoes, hand out tissues, and tell kids we'll talk about their stomach ache in 10 minutes.  Even on a good day, I have several tugs on my shirt.  Seriously, who needs to pay for longer shirts if kids will lengthen them for you?  The extra amount of pestering got me to thinking today about how much I complain.  Do I get so distracted by the inevitable negative things in life that I can't maintain a perspective that transcends my circumstances? 

Have you ever been called out on grumbling?  (Your mother doesn't count).  Or do you have a hilarious story about a melodramatic child?

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