Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Today I...
-hit snooze 3 times
-drank 1 cup of coffee (cutting back)
-had 2 fruits and 1 veggie by noon (also turning over a new leaf)
-attended 3 loooong meetings
-received 3 new teacher textbooks, 2 file folders, and 1 binder full of information
-made 2 lesson plan templates
-wrote 1/2 of a lesson plan (it's a start)
-covered 1 bulletin board
-laminated 5,000 small items (approximately)
-assembled 18 donated backpacks full of supplies (it was like Christmas!!!!!!!!)
-met 3 new teachers
-won 1 round of Retention Family Feud (oh yeah, we teachers are just cool like that)
-made 1 new schedule
-scrapped 1 new schedule
-consoled 3 frazzled new teachers
-ate 3 handfuls of Sour Patch Kids
-played 2 songs of PS22 on YouTube b/c Pandora is blocked.

Welcome back to school.

1 comment:

Cecelia said...

"5,000 items (approximately)"

HA! Good luck being back at school, and thanks for making me smile.