Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Rape of the Lock

A couple of days ago I began my spring break.  I was actually awake during my morning routine and noticed my scraggly hair in the mirror.  Onward to the hairdresser.

Confession time.  I am a cheapskate when it comes to haircuts.  My half-cousin (is that really a word?  I just made it one.) is a hair stylist and he charges upwards of $100 a head.  WHOA.  I am not so extreme as to get free haircuts from the hair salon school.  But I have finally grown up a little and settled on one stylist, so at least there is some consistency in the process.  I have had one too many bad experiences in that department.  Lack of English skills, lack of communication, lack of haircutting skills, etc.

Unfortunately I forgot that my hair stylist only works afternoons like when I go to visit her after school.  I arrived at the store Monday morning and THEN remembered that.  Too late, I was already there.  I figured, "How bad could this be?"  My hairstylist was very friendly.  She was also very short.  And extremely well-endowed.  And lacking support.  Those last three combinations make things difficult when trying to wash a patron's hair at the sink.


Also, I left the store smelling of strawberry Bubblelicious and cigarette smoke thanks to the close proximity of my hairdresser.  Lesson learned.


Leah said...

this is tooooo funny. i only go to stylists that i have to have an appt for so i've never been stuck with a bad one. so the most important q is, was the haircut okay???

i found the most wonderful, amazing, incredible, awesome hairdresser in philly, back when i had money. he was AWESOME. he described hair cutting as an art form, as his manner of artistic expression (and he wasn't gay! he was Christian!). oh my goodness, i would leave his chair feeling as though i had finally unlocked my true inner hair.....

Warrior said...

Can we get a picture of your haircut? (: