Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cringeworthy, yet Contagious Music, CCM

Last night at Panera, the home to all grand brainstorms, my discipleship group had so many interesting discussions we joked we should make a blog to write about them all.  No one jumped on a witty blog title to start us off, so I am stealing all of the ideas for my own posts.  Bwah hahahaahhahaha.  Besides, I am the only one with a blog, and so few people read it, no one will ever care about the copyright infringement.

One of the most fun discussions was over CCM, or Christian Contemporary Music.  All five of us share a distaste for the horribly cheesy and washed-down radio station available to the DC broadcasting area.  They are wimpy and overly cheery.  They do sometimes play good music, but you have to put up with a lot in exchange.  But I don't have a strong opinion about them.

I, however, was surprised to hear what a broad spectrum of opinions we had about CCM in general.  This ranged from the-only-radio-station-I-listen-to to only-if-you-held-a-gun-to-my-head-and-even-then-I'm-not-sure (BTW, I love hyphens).  All of us love music, just to varying degrees in the CCM world.  The antis brought up the point that Christian music is often cheesy.  WHAT?

Remember the viral video from 2008?  It has since been featured on Community and Glee.

Sometimes songs were destined for failure from the start and did not have coolness even in a former decade.  Really, was a song named, "The Happy Song" by a band named Delirious the best choice??  (Apologies, I could only find this with Portuguese subtitles).

Also, being a music star, Christian or not, does not always require musical talent.  Thus songs get overplayed that should never have seen the light of day.

Unfortunately it sometimes feels like there are more cringeworthy songs that good ones.

What CCM or worship songs would you banish from this world?

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