Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dear Mr. (Not-so) Handy Man

In the two and a half years I've lived here in Arlington, the kitchen cabinet drawers have caused me much pain.  They catch, they randomly fail to catch the runner, they won't open, etc.  I have occasionally feared for my life on account of those drawers.  The property manager has been AWESOME at fixing everything else we've asked in the house, but they've only added a Band-Aid-worthy dressing to our broken drawers.  Saturday afternoon I pulled on the drawer, only to have the whole wooden front come off.  Naturally the property manager was obliging and sent over a fix-it man today.  "We are FINALLY getting a new drawer!" I secretly rejoiced.  Not so.

I arrived home to my cabinet drawer front, drawer-less, and nailed shut.  The broken drawer, full of Ziploc baggies and aluminum foil, is still sitting on the kitchen table.  Ummmm thanks?  I was laughing so hard telling the property manager about it, she had to have me repeat it.  Twice.  So she is sending someone different tomorrow.  I hope.

p.s.  Bonus points if you say "drawer" ten times fast.  Weird word.

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