Thursday, May 17, 2012

4th grade boy's worst nightmare

Today I invited a couple of boys to eat lunch with me.  When girls eat lunch with me, we gab.  We talk about boys, clothes, and more boys.  When boys join me for lunch, we discuss Nerf guns, low riders, full tackle football, and slimy things.  One boy mentioned that he reeeeeally wanted to see the inside of a stomach and a heart.

I explained that in high school science class he would get to dissect a frog.  In middle school I even got to dissect a squid.  My 7th grade teacher was so kind as to fry up some squid for us to sample after we finished poking the eyeballs and stomach.

"Like, did she serve you the testicles?" one boy inquired. 

His eyes bugged out.  "I mean, TENTACLES!!!!!!!!!"

Damage done.  Try shaking that one off.  Yeah, not so much.

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Cecelia said...

Ahahahahahah! That's amazing.