Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vignettes From Class

Today's lesson: Writing Biographies of Famous Virginians.  
Tomorrow's lesson:  Fact Checking

In other news, I taught this student how to use the space bar AND the enter key.  His biography of John Smith was forever changed.  And now readable.


New vocabulary word: fiance.
New homophone: right.

But I love them so!

E: (entering my room with a teacher in tow) "Hey!!!!  Ms. A!!!!!!!!  I miss you.  You're the best teacher ever!!"

Other teacher:  "Oh THANKS."

E: "Sorry!  I wasn't trying to be hurtful!"

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mollie @ momconformist said...

This is the real reason to teach, right? The stories. Ohhhhhhh, the stories. Much like the research paper I graded that told of that Christmas Eve when Mary and Joseph went to Mass. God bless America.