Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Big things have been happening in the life of well, me.  Hence my absence from blogging world.  In addition to ten glorious vacation days away from school, I also received one rocking Christmas present.  (Disclaimer: my siblings one and two gave me great gifts.  It's just hard to beat the other one I'm about to tell you about.)

Christmas Day:  My family went to church in the morning, marking three Christmas/Christmas Eve services in 18 hours.  Hard to believe, but it's not the record in our house.  We retreated home to lounge pants and presents and all the usual Christmas festivities.  After all was said and done, Dad mentioned he had forgotten his clarinet at church (in retrospect he has never ever forgotten an instrument).  We kindly volunteered to go claim it.  When we arrived at church I was feeling nostalgic and proceeded to give Shaun the GRAND tour of church.  I showed him the Children's Library where I read almost every book, the Youth Ministry, and the Parlor.  Poor guy was sweating bullets and trying to keep me away from his left pocket.

We arrived in the sanctuary and promptly retrieved Dad's clarinet.  Since we had a quiet sanctuary to ourselves, Shaun suggested we take some time to pray together.  As we finished praying, I opened my eyes and saw a red box.  With a RING!

I was so flabbergasted I laughed.  And then I cried.  And then I laughed some more.  Somewhere along the way Shaun got down on one knee, said some very sentimental things, and asked me a big question (I can't recall the details exactly.).  And then I managed a yes.

Shaun spun me round in circles, we kissed, and I haven't been able to stop smiling since!

Get ready!  July 7th is right around the corner!!  And we can't wait!


Being Brittany said...

So awesome! Congratulations Gretchen!!

Warrior said...

CONGRATS GRETCHEN!!!!!! (I would have said so sooner, but I don't have Facebook and I was waiting for you to post your good news on your blog!!) Love you!