Friday, March 18, 2011

Please, don't hold back

Today I had the honor (i.e. volun-told) of presenting a lesson with a co-teacher in fourth grade.  I do this every day and it goes quite smoothly.  However today was a training day which meant that ALL of the fourth grade team, special ed. teacher, reading specialist, reading trainer, Justin Bieber, Harry Potter, and Barack Obama were in on the fun in the back of the room.  25 4th graders don't intimidate me in the least.  I make silly mistakes all the time and not a one of us cares.  But it is a little different to be standing up in front of 9 of your peers.

My co-teacher and I tacked up all of our posters and got ready to start the lesson.  The room was nice and quiet.  Then one of the fourth grade boys on the front row announced to the whole class, "I think Ms. Ames is nervous.  She's smiling a whole lot."

Why yes buddy.  Thanks for pointing that out.  It did break the ice, but I am endlessly entertained by what these guys perceive.  Nothing escapes them!

I have decided there is a Pearls comic for every situation in life.  Thanks, Cristy for introducing me.

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