Wednesday, August 4, 2010

There's something about the ocean

I love love love love LOOOOOVE the beach. A LOT. As if you couldn't tell. It is probably my favorite place on the planet. And I haven't even SEEN the whole planet. This summer I have the privilege of spending two glorious back-to-back weeks on the sand.

This week I'm hanging with my small group and a compilation of other random people (friends, friends of friends, relatives, etc) at a beach house in Duck, NC. This place seems to be so much on vacation it forgot that two decades have gone by. I am currently sitting in a expertly crafted wicker chair with a mallard duck throw pillow. There is wood paneling on every wall except the bath tub. There's also a lovely pair of glass blown mallards hanging from the candle holders (sans candles). And to top it off, a beautiful wreath covered in sea treasures. The decor gives the place character.

So far my days have been spent sleeping in, eating Berry Berry Kix (I'm on vacation from being a grownup too), reading books, completing numerous crosswords half-way, and then sprawling out on the sand from 12-5. Happy hour, followed by dinner at 9, and playing Mario Cart and Time's Up until wee hours of the morning. Life is rough. My only complaint is that the jellyfish also like the beach so I have been doing a happy little dance in the ocean just to get in swim time (and not get stung).

I can't believe there are only three more days of week one. Back to reading/relaxing/being a bum. No more computer. I can use that the other 5o weeks of the year. Oceans are in short supply in DC.

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